One critical challenge to One New Man Sandra Teplinsky Oct 23, 2018 While deeply grateful for Christian support of Israel, we have watched increasing numbers, especially leaders, seek to bless the Jewish people at the cost of compromising, withholding and then denying, the Gospel. This approach was well intended. A remnant of evangelicals wanted to heal 2,000 years of Christian anti-Semitism by demonstrating unconditional love to Israel. Over recent decades, they have ministered with sacrificial kindness and gracious sensitivity. As a result, Christian friendships with Israel are starting to mature. In this process a critical time has now arrived, calling for another approach. It

Is Messianic Judaism Heresy?

Is Messianic Judaism Heresy? By JACOB FRONCZAK Out of all the books I was assigned to read in my undergraduate religious studies program at a conservative Christian college, I have one in particular that is my favorite. And it’s not because I like it or because I necessarily agree with it. It’s my favorite book from that program because of the brazen courage—the chutzpah, to use a nice Hebrew word—of its author. The book is called Orthodoxy and Heresy (one of many books by that title), and its author makes the case that any deviation from the core doctrines of fundamental evangelical Protestantism, as traditionally enumerated and defined, is heresy. For exam

Parashat Vayera - The Journey of Faith

Saturday 27th October 2018 18 Cheshvan 5779 Parashat Vayera Netivyah Genesis 18:1 - 22:24; 2 Kings 4:1-37, Mark 4:21 – 6:56 Parashat Vayera is a diffi­cult passage that raises many questions, for example: When the angels visited Abraham, they ate food, in other places in the Bible and in Jewish tradition, angels cannot eat. Lot's wife turns into a pillar of salt. Lot's daughters rape their father and bear him children. Abraham claims before the king of Gerar that Sarah is his sister and not his wife, after making the same mistake in Egypt. Hagar is sent


I Hashem, in My grace, have summoned you, and I have grasped you by the hand. I created you, and appointed you a covenant people, a light of nations Isaiah 42:6 (The Israel Bible™) אֲנִי יְהֹוָה קְרָאתִיךָ בְצֶדֶק וְאַחְזֵק בְּיָדֶךָ וְאֶצָּרְךָ וְאֶתֶּנְךָ לִבְרִית עָם לְאוֹר גּוֹיִם Hear the verse in Hebrew Ani Adonai k’raticha v’tzedek v’achzak beyadecha v’etzorcha v’etencha livrit am l’ohr goyim A Light of Nations This famous phrase captures the mission statement of the People of Israel. For most of Jewish history, the role of “light unto the nations” has been understood primarily as a private call to have a positive influence on the world by living an ethical life and setting a pe


Why the Iranian Threat Goes Far Beyond Nuclear Weapons Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | Dr. Edy Cohen Prior to the Islamic Revolution that swept Iran in 1979, the status of Shiite Muslims in the Arab world (about 20 percent of all Muslims) was that of inferiors. In many countries like Libya, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, they would be executed without trial. In other countries, Shiites were forbidden to build mosques because, in the eyes of Sunni Muslim majority, they were heretics. The rise of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini was a watershed. He promised that the Shiites in the Arab world would no longer be oppressed. Indeed, since the revolution in Iran, the status of the Shiites in the


Saturday 20 October 2018 11 Cheshvan 5779 Parashat Lech L’chah Bereshit / Genesis 12:1-17:27, Isaiah 40:27-41:16 Being a Man of Faith In the Midrashic literature, the rabbis teach about the pivotal significance of God’s reign. The Kingdom of Heaven signifies God’s redemptive power and His rule over our lives encompasses the authority of the Torah. By the time the people of Israel had arrived at Sinai and received the Ten Commandments, they had already experienced the divine deliverance of God and His protection. Take for example what the rabbis say according to the Mekilta de-Rabbi Yishmael 20:2. Mekhilta de-

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