Israeli air force bombs Syrian position near Golan Heights

Israeli air force in action in Syria Israeli fighter planes bombed Hezbollah and Iranian infrastructure on a strategic Syrian hill overlooking the Golan. By Aryeh Savir, TPS Israeli fighter jet (AP/Ariel Schalit) The Israeli Air Force (IAF) launched an attack of the Tel al Hara area in the Dara’a district in southern Syria, Syrian sources reported. Syria’s official SANA news reported that the Israel attack occurred at about 1:30 am and that the damage was caused by the attack, but there were no casualties Tel al-Hara is a strategic hill situated adjacent to the Israeli Golan Heights and overlooks it. The Tel al-Hara base controls the Daraa-Damascus road and is the center for all intelligenc

What is the state of religious freedom in Israel & the Arab world?

Here’s what the media is not telling you. Joel C. Rosenberg | Jul 23, 2019 | (Washington, D.C.) — For the last several days, more than 1,000 Foreign Ministers, religious and civic leaders, academics and survivors of religious persecution from more than 100 countries have gathered in Washington for a State Department conference on advancing religious freedom. Keynote speakers have included Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Vice President Pence, U.S. Ambassador At Large For International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Yazidi survivor of ISIS Nadia Murad, Sheikh bin Bayyah (considered one of the most influential Sunni Muslim theologians in the world), and former Bri


Saturday 27th July 2019 24th Tamuz 5779 PARASHAT PINCHAS BY MARC GARY Numbers 25:10-29:40; 1 Kings 18:46-19:21; John 2:13-25 Karen Armstrong, the scholar of religion and popular author of such works as The History of God, relates that wherever she travels, she is often confronted by someone—a taxi driver, an Oxford academic, an American psychiatrist—who confidently expresses the view that “religion has caused more violence and wars than anything else.” This is quite a remarkable statement given that in the last century alone, tens of millions of people hav

The Incredible Story of the Righteous Convert of Vilna

The Vilna Gaon Jul 14, 2019 | by Rabbi Menachem Levine Who was Avraham ben Avraham, the righteous convert buried next to the Vilna Gaon? Jewish history is replete with famous converts. Yitro, the father-in-law of Moses, the prophet Ovadia, Onkelos, the famous Biblical commentator and a nephew of Emperor Titus. Rabbi Akiva and his disciple, Rabbi Meir, were both descended from converts, as were the leading Talmudic Sages Shemaiah and Avtalyon. Even King David himself traced his lineage to Ruth, the convert whose story we read during the festival of Shavuot. Perhaps the most important convert in recent history was Avraham ben Avraham, the righteous convert, ger tzeddek, of Vilna. Who was he

The Danger of Jewish Roots Movements

The Danger of the Jewish Roots Movements by Dan Juster June 4, 2019 Yes, you read that right. The title of this article is surprising. Isn’t the Messianic Jewish Movement a Jewish roots movement? Did I not write a book entitled Jewish Roots? Yes. Then why the title? It is because some Jewish roots movements are spreading mistaken theology. These teachings are creating unnecessary dissension among believers in Yeshua. Many church leaders have distanced themselves from Messianic Judaism because they think we too ascribe to these misguided teachings. Just recently we heard of a pastor of a large church in Midwest USA who wants no connection with Messianic Jews due to offense from wrong Jewish

Yeshua (Jesus? Is to Christianity as Pasta Is to Italians

Yeshua is to Christianity what Pasta is to Italains by Eric Tolkaje Pasta is Italian, bagels are Jewish, and chicken chow mein is Chinese right? Wrong; the bagel's roots are not Jewish, but rather Italian. While pasta’s history begins in China, the Chinese food staple chow mein is actually an American dish. What does this lost history of these different popular foods have to do with Jesus and Christianity? The answer is simple. In the exact same way that these three foods and many others are believed to be culturally connected to a certain people group and tradition, Yeshua/Jesus—a Jew born in a Jewish town named Bethlehem, to Jewish parents), who lived His life according to Biblical/Jewish

Parashat Balak

Saturday 20th July 2019 10th Tamuz 5779 Bila'am blessing the camp of Israel PARASHAT BALAK Numbers 22:2 – 25:9; Micah 5:6 – 6:8; Matt 21:1 - 11 The story is told of Napoleon walking through the streets of Paris one Tisha B'av (the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, a day of fasting and mourning for the destruction of the two Temples). As his entourage passed a synagogue he heard wailing and crying coming from within; he sent an aide to inquire as to what had happened. The aide returned and told Napoleon that the Jews were in mourning over the loss of their Temple. Napoleon was indignant! "Why wasn't I

Rock and Key

ROCK & KEY by Asher Intrator In Matthew 16, Peter received a significant revelation of Yeshua. There were four parts to this historic breakthrough: Messiahship of Yeshua New Covenant Community of Faith Delegated Spiritual Authority Victory over Satanic Forces Peter answered, “You are Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Yeshua said to him, “Blessed are you, Shimon son of Yonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but My Father in heaven…On this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven

Questions & Answers - Should we listen to the Rabbis?

Questions & Answers Rabbi Stuart Dauermann Dear Rabby, In the Holy Etiquette section of Shulchan Shelanu you talk about halacha, which you say refers to the way Jews “walk out” their way of life. But halacha is a rabbis’ term! It’s from rabbinical Judaism! You don’t mean that we should ever listen to the teachings of the rabbis, do you? After all, didn’t they reject Yeshua? Shirley Surely Dear Shirley Well, that is a good question. And I could give a long and detailed answer to it, but I don’t think now. Let me give a short answer. I do believe we should listen to the teachings of the rabbis, especially when they address matters of Jewish practice. Let me give

Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America

Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America By Avi Abelow July 8, 2019 This is happening right under the noses of the American authorities, across the United States. Tzvi Yechezkali, a Jewish Israeli reporter, went undercover as a Muslim across the USA, exposing the Muslim Imams, from New York to California and Texas, who incite their Muslim congregants to hate and murder Jews. Americans should be horrified that this is taking place and nothing is being done to stop it. “Imams in Mosques (across North America) say horrible things about Jews, even calling to murder them. This is exactly what we witnessed in France 15 years ago that is now taking place today in the United States

Parashat Chukat

Saturday 13th July 2019 10th Tamuz 5779 PARASHAT CHUKAT by Alan Gilman, Torahbytes Numbers 19:1-22:1; Judges 11:1-33; John 19:38 – 42 So Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on a pole. And if a serpent bit anyone, he would look at the bronze serpent and live. (B'midbar/Numbers 21:9) One of the prime focuses of the Hebrew Scriptures is the issue of idolatry that was expressed in ancient Israel in two ways: the worship of false gods as represented by an image or claiming that the true God was represented by an image. In either case, the essenc


Geoff Cohen will speak at the Beit Ariel erev Shabbat service on Friday night, 12 July at 6.15pm Geoff Cohen used to head up Jewish ministry at Gateway Church, Texas, a large church of 39,000 members who is at the forefront of Jewish Ministry. Geoff is the nephew of the late Maisie Pillemer. He is an ex-South African from Orthodox Jewish background, and he has lived in America for over 25 years. He is married to Tatiana, formerly of the Ukraine. Geoff has an amazing testimony in that he saw Yeshua three times in the Old City near the Jaffa Gate. He is an international speaker of note who has preached in many countries including: Israel, USA, South Africa, UK, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Argen

Does God Judge Unbelievers?

DOES GOD JUDGE UNBELIEVERS? by DAN JUSTER JUNE 30, 2019 A popular theology among Christians teachers says that God does not judge unbelievers. Since they do not know Yeshua and do not have the power of the Spirit, we should not expect them to be moral. This teaching is contrary to both the historic Christian consensus and the historic teaching of Judaism. Both have taught that basic morals are revealed to people. In Christian teaching, people are responsible for their response to the amount of revelation they have preserved in their various cultures. In the Bible, however, one sees that God’s judgment is mostly proclaimed and carried out upon corporate peoples or nations. The ind

Ramban's Letter to His Son

Ramban's Letter to his Son Moses ben Nahman (מֹשֶׁה בֶּן־נָחְמָן - "Moses son of Nahman"; 1194–1270), commonly known as Nachmanides and also referred to by the acronym Ramban, was a leading medieval Jewish scholar, Sephardic rabbi, philosopher, physician, kabbalist, and biblical commentator. He was raised, studied, and lived for most of his life in Girona, Catalonia. He is also considered to be an important figure in the re-establishment of the Jewish community in Jerusalem following its destruction by the Crusaders in 1099. This is a letter he wrote to his son” Let your words be spoken gently; let your head be bowed. Cast your eyes downward, and your heart heavenward; and when speaking, d

Parashat Korach

Saturday 5th July 2019 3rd Tamuz 5779 PARASHAT KORACH Numbers 16:1-18:32; 1 Samuel 11:14-12:22; John 19:1-17 (Acts 7:44-53 ) There are two rebellions this week. First, Korach, a Levite, was passed over for the leadership of his tribe and then challenges Moshe over the position of High Priest. No good rebellion can be "sold" as a means for personal gain, so Korach convinces 250 men of renown that they must stand up for a matter of principle -- that each and every one of them has the right to the office of High Priest (which Moshe had announced that God had already designated his brother, Aharon, to

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