HANUKKAH  -  The Festival of Lights

HANUKKAH - The Festival of Lights

Join us in a Beit Ariel celebration of the miracle of Hanukkah at our home.

Time: 16h30 for 17h00

Date: Saturday 1st December 2018

Venue: our home at 14 Gazania Street, Door de Kraal (off Jip de Jager)

Supper: it will be our usual bring ‘n share supper (‘milchik” – no meat products). Bring vegetable quiches, fried fish, fish cakes, salad sticks with dips, assorted cheeses with crackers, read-made sandwiches with avo, cheeses, tuna fillings etc. Bring sufficient food and juice for your family and a little extra for our guests. Paper plates, cups and serviettes will be provided. Bring your own cutlery, if necessary.

Seen as it is also a Saturday evening, we will also conduct a Havdalah service where we bid farewell to the Shabbat.

RSVP: hraysman@gmail.com.

Please do RSVP so that we can have an idea of how many intend joining us. Look forward to celebrating this chag with you.