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Some of the featured speakers include:

Major General Yaakov Amidror

World - shifts of power

As the Berlin Wall fell, bringing the curtain down on the Cold War, political commentators talked about “the end of history”, and the ushering in of an era of unprecedented peace. Nearly three decades later, the world is more dangerous and divided than it has ever been. Strongmen leaders hold the reins in countries such as Russia, Hungary, Turkey and the Philippines, and are gaining traction across Europe and Central Asia. Global Jihadism remains on the rise, even in the wake of a waning Isis. New, frightening forms of warfare are emerging, and new battle lines are being drawn. In this wide-angle view of global geopolitics, Major General Yaakov Amidror – former National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – fills us in on the international picture. What has changed under Trump? What does Russia want? What’s up with North Korea? What role do emerging superpowers China and India have to play? What are Iran and the Saudis playing at in the Middle East? Are intergovernmental forces such as NATO and the UN becoming obsolete?

Rabbi David Aaron

Living on purpose - We are infinitely greater than we think and therefore our lives are intrinsically more meaningful. We just need to discover both our internal and our eternal connection with G-d. How can we serve so we can channel G-d’s blessings into everything we think, say and do? In this talk, Rabbi David Aaron will give us perspective, as well as practical tools for tuning into why we are here and how we can best serve the world in our unique way

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