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Denmark Stands Up for Israel

Denmark Stands Up for Israel

So many countries in the United Nations discriminate against the Jewish state. Israel is the one democracy in the Middle East, yet it has more resolutions against it than any other country many cruelly ruled by dictators.

But Denmark’s foreign minister Anders Samuelsen criticized the United Nations for its treatment of Israel. Some countries are finally taking a stand against the singling out of Israel. The Australian prime minister has also slammed the UN for how it falsely accuses Israel.

The thing is, it really should not take so much thought to decide to condemn the UN. Standing with Israel is standing with democracy. And that is the moral thing to do.

What the UN has been doing constantly is stepping on democracy, stepping on human rights. Mocking these values that they say they stand for. The United Nations should be ashamed of themselves. The way they treat Israel is humiliating for the body whose goal was to DEFEND democracy and human rights.

Hopefully, if more countries continue to stand up for Israel and call out the UN, then maybe the UN will really uphold its charter…

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