The First Messianic Jew to Run for Knesset

First Messianic Jew to run for the Knesset

Tuesday, April 02, 2019 | David Lazarus

Many in our community know Rabbi David Friedman because he has visited our shores on several occasions and conducted seminars at Beit Ariel. Rabbi David and his wife, Margalit, made Aliyah in the mid-seventies and live outside Jerusalem.

A message from Rabbi David:

Israel's general election is less than two weeks away, and few expect that the nearly-unknown Bible Bloc party has any chance of winning seats in the next Knesset.

Even so, the fact that this party finally exists and is standing in a national election is a major step forward for the local Christian and Messianic Jewish communities.

Established by Dennis Lipkin, the Bible Bloc's official Knesset list consists of observant Jews, Christians and a Messianic Jew, David Friedman, who was interviewed in the latest issue of Israel Today Magazine.

Like all of the 47 parties registered to run in the election, the Bible Bloc was allotted a small bu