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The First Messianic Jew to Run for Knesset

First Messianic Jew to run for the Knesset

Tuesday, April 02, 2019 | David Lazarus

Many in our community know Rabbi David Friedman because he has visited our shores on several occasions and conducted seminars at Beit Ariel. Rabbi David and his wife, Margalit, made Aliyah in the mid-seventies and live outside Jerusalem.

A message from Rabbi David:

Israel's general election is less than two weeks away, and few expect that the nearly-unknown Bible Bloc party has any chance of winning seats in the next Knesset.

Even so, the fact that this party finally exists and is standing in a national election is a major step forward for the local Christian and Messianic Jewish communities.

Established by Dennis Lipkin, the Bible Bloc's official Knesset list consists of observant Jews, Christians and a Messianic Jew, David Friedman, who was interviewed in the latest issue of Israel Today Magazine.

Like all of the 47 parties registered to run in the election, the Bible Bloc was allotted a small budget and one minute of air time to get their message out to the public.

Here's a translation of the Hebrew-language commercial, in which Lipkin says that it's about time to get Christians and even Messianic Jews into the Knesset.

"Dear citizens,

"After 2,000 years, Christians and Jews march side-by-side down the streets of Jerusalem. A new Christian-Jewish party called the Bible Bloc seeks to give representation to both Jewish and Christian citizens, all those who believe in God's promises to the people of Israel found in the Bible.

"The party will give equal voice to Jews and Christians. The Jews [in the party] will consist of those who are religious, traditional and secular. The Christians [in the party] will be from all denominations, as well as Messianic believers.

"Eight percent of Israel's population is made up of non-Jews, including Christians, and they are not properly represented. This is not right.

"Our goal is to establish a strategic Jewish-Christian alliance to stand up for all Jews and Christians around the world who are facing the threat of terrorism, as well as to preserve Judeo-Christian culture around the world and in the State of Israel."

A few weeks ago, three of our candidates, including myself, will address a group in Jerusalem. The central topic will be how to encourage pro-life attitudes and legislation in Israel. For me, Jewish MDs killing Jewish babies is totally immoral. That's just how I feel about this national tragedy. Our people struggle to survive throughout history, and in modern times, we are killing our own babies. God have mercy on us. The national government will not do anything about this until people like us are in government and force the issue. That is what I hope to do, but...we need 145,000 votes first!

Report back from Rabbi David Friedman:

“I gave my 1st speech ever as a "politician" last night at our party's meeting. I touched on the need to unite Israel and the West v. international terror; and the need to work for full civil rights for the Jewish believing community, as well as for Christians who are citizens and live in the Land. Hospital reform, the right to life for unborn babies, and working to encourage aliya (immigration and absorption) were subjects that I also touched on.

I shared with everyone why I was running: which is that the time has come for me to work for the important aspects of life in Israel. I want to stand before Almighty God and be able to say that I not only prayed for Israel to walk into our God-given destiny, but concretely tried to better things in our nation; to help the elderly, unborn babies and the 'stranger' in the Land—three things that our Torah speaks out strongly about.

Anyhow, thanks for everyone's support, and please pray for the following:

1. HaShem's protection on us, and

2. that His light would shine through this all


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