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End Time Lessons from Israel Iron Lady – Golda Meir

End Time Lessons from Israel's Iron Lady by Cody Archer

After reading, “My Life,” the autobiography of Golda Meir, my appreciation for the founding fathers and mothers of the modern state of Israel has greatly increased. They faced incredible challenges and yet helped “birth a nation in a day” (Isaiah 66:8). I believe Golda’s story particularly has prophetic significance for the final years before Yeshua returns.

Golda was born in 1898 in the harsh environment of the Russian Empire. In 1906 her family immigrated to America in search of freedom and prosperity. There Golda was strongly influenced by her older sister’s Zionist friends and gained a deep desire to one day move to Palestine. The dream of joining other Jewish pioneers in Palestine came true in 1921 when Golda and her husband, Morris, left the comforts of America behind. Crossing the ocean by boat, and arriving in Tel Aviv by train over a month later was an absolute nightmare (pg. 52-55).

Shortly after their arrival, the young couple joined a Kibbutz in the Jezreel valley and worked the land day and night in unbearable conditions. Her husband’s health deteriorated so quickly that after three years they were forced to leave. They moved to Jerusalem and soon had two young children. During this time, Golda’s political connections expanded, and she struggled to maintain a balance between caring for her family and serving her country. Yet her gift of leadership and zeal for the settlement of Jews in Palestine led her to accept roles which included many hours of work and travel outside of Israel.

By 1934 Golda was part of the core leadership team of the pre-state government. The challenges they continually faced were overwhelming. Hitler was murdering Jews in Europe. The British government was forcefully opposing immigration of European Jews fleeing to Palestine for safety. Arab aggression against Jews was increasing across Palestine with the British doing very little to stop them. The Jewish residents had no formal combat training and no funds to adequately construct their own army in order to defend themselves.

Ben Gurion, Golda and the rest of the leaders of the government firmly agreed that they could no longer let their future be determined by the international occupying powers. They needed to fight with all they had to establish their own independent state. Though Golda was an atheist, clearly God’s hand was upon her. She and the other leaders discerned that a great attack from neighbouring countries would come when they declared statehood. They urgently needed to raise millions of dollars in order to purchase arms to defend themselves. By a vote, Golda was chosen to travel to America in early 1948 to raise funds from the Jewish community. They doubted they could raise more than 8 million dollars. Miraculously, in just six weeks 55 million dollars were donated to the cause!

The American Jews wept as she described the desperate situation in Palestine, and many even took out loans in order to give. The day following the Israeli Declaration of Independence, neighbouring Muslim countries attacked Israel. Israel managed to stop the assault, and even went on the offense, defeating those armies.

According to end time Scriptures, I think a similar pattern will repeat itself again before Yeshua returns to establish His kingdom on earth. Unprecedented pressures and challenges will occur before the kingdom of God on earth will be “born in a day,” the day of His return. This will be so for Israel and true followers of Yeshua. Satan will rage (Revelation 12:12-17). The anti-Christ will overcome many saints (Revelation 13:7). Deception and lawlessness will abound (Matthew 24).

Yet the body of Messiah will know the signs of the times.

Like the pre-state leaders in Golda’s day preparing for the birth of the nation, the body of Messiah will be fixated on doing everything possible to prepare the way for Yeshua’s return and “global take over.” The unity Yeshua prayed for in John 17 will be strongly seen and felt.

Like in the early kibbutzim, finances and possessions will be shared with unprecedented selflessness (Acts 2:44- 45). Even when darkness covers the earth, the wealth of the nations will come to Israel (Isaiah 60). A people will have prepared themselves like John the Baptist (Luke 1:16-17, 80).

The purified bride of Yeshua will be trained and ready to take her place ruling the nations with Him (Revelations 20). Let’s stay focused on growing in love and doing all we can now to get ourselves and others ready for what is yet to come!

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