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Geoff Cohen will speak at the Beit Ariel erev Shabbat service on Friday night, 12 July at 6.15pm

Geoff Cohen used to head up Jewish ministry at Gateway Church, Texas, a large church of 39,000 members who is at the forefront of Jewish Ministry. Geoff is the nephew of the late Maisie Pillemer.

He is an ex-South African from Orthodox Jewish background, and he has lived in America for over 25 years. He is married to Tatiana, formerly of the Ukraine.

Geoff has an amazing testimony in that he saw Yeshua three times in the Old City near the Jaffa Gate. He is an international speaker of note who has preached in many countries including: Israel, USA, South Africa, UK, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Argentina, Sumatra and others. He has also spoken on radio and television around the world. He has also written two books, ‘My Jerusalem Encounter’ and ‘God’s Blueprint For The Great Commission’.

The service commences as usual at 18h15. It will be followed by a finger, bring 'n share supper. Milchik i.e. not meat products. All are most welcome to visit us. Bring vegetable quiches, salad sticks with dips, ready-made sandwiches (fillings -egg, tuna, different cheeses, avocado pear etc). Bring assorted cheeses with crackers, fried fish or fish cakes etc etc. Also please bring some fruit juice. Bring sufficient for yourselves plus a little extra for our guests.

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