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Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America

Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America

By Avi Abelow July 8, 2019

This is happening right under the noses of the American authorities, across the United States. Tzvi Yechezkali, a Jewish Israeli reporter, went undercover as a Muslim across the USA, exposing the Muslim Imams, from New York to California and Texas, who incite their Muslim congregants to hate and murder Jews.

Americans should be horrified that this is taking place and nothing is being done to stop it.

“Imams in Mosques (across North America) say horrible things about Jews, even calling to murder them. This is exactly what we witnessed in France 15 years ago that is now taking place today in the United States of America.”

When I was putting together this investigation, I asked to meet with American government officials and I was told to meet with the government agency that monitors Mosques across America. The problem is that nobody (in that office) speaks Arabic. So I asked ‘how do you monitor the Mosques (that Preachers mostly preach in Arabic)’? They said they can only monitor what is said in English. “

“In America, despite the terrorism they experienced on 9/11, they still lack the ability to adequately grapple with this. even though the writing is on the wall. Americans need to wake up to this reality.”

Yechezkali ends his report with a very surprising fact. He notes that while in the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt are cracking down on incitement in Mosques, it is specifically in America where this horrendous incitement is spreading across the Mosques, with no crackdown from the American authorities.

If America does not want to turn into terror prone areas like exist today in Europe, it must crack down on this incitement in the Mosques immediately.

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