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Chief Rabbi composes special prayer to halt plague

Chief Rabbi composes special prayer to halt plague

Prayer should be said when Holy Ark is opened on Shabbat, Mondays, and Thursdays when the Torah is read publicly.

Mordechai Sones, 05/03/20 14:19

The Rishon L'Tzion, Israel's Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef composed a special prayer to stop the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

The prayer should be said when the Holy Ark is opened on Shabbat, Mondays, and Thursdays when the Torah is read publicly:

May it be Thy Will our G-d and G-d and our ancestors, that You be overcome with mercy upon all the world's inhabitants and upon the inhabitants of this land, and protect them from all the harsh and evil decrees that may visit the world, and rescue us from every sickness, disease, plague, and epidemic. May all patients infected with the disease be completely cured. To You O G-d is the Greatness and the Rigor, the Splendor and the Eternity and the Majesty, because all in Heaven and Earth to You do individually concede the Kingship and the Authority, and in Your hands is the soul of all living and the spirit within all flesh, and it is in your Power and Strength to grow and strengthen and cure humanity to the utmost, to the most minuscule reaches of the spirit, and nothing is beyond Your Ability.

Therefore, may it be Thy Will O Faithful G-d, Father of Mercy, Healer of all ills among His People Israel, You Who are the Faithful Healer: Send healing and cure, and act with utmost kindness, pardon, and compassion to all patients infected with this disease.

Please O G-d, may Your Mercy awaken upon all inhabitants of the world and all Your People Israel. Please alight Thine Throne of Judgement and sit upon the Throne of Mercy, and go beyond the letter of the law to abolish all harsh and evil decrees. "And Pinchas arose and prayed and the plague was halted."

And decree upon us good judgments, salvation, and consolation for the sake of Thy Mercy, and tear up our evil decree, and may our good points hold prominence before you; Arise, help us and redeem us for the sake of Your Kindness.

Hear now please the voice of our plea, for You hear the prayers of all; Blessed is He Who hears prayer.

May the utterances of my mouth and the reasoning within my heart find favor before You, O L-rd my Rock and Salvation.

And may it be fulfilled within us the Bible verse that says: "All the sickness I placed upon Egypt I shall not place upon you, for I am the L-rd your Healer," Amen.

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