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Creation Distinctions for Mutual Blessing

Creation Distinctions for Mutual Blessing

by Dan Juster May 3, 2020

Very recently I posted on Dr. Michael Brown’s book, Jezebel’s War on America. In this amazing book, he presents the main thrusts of destruction against heterosexual marriage, the traditional family, and then on to aborting babies and the terrible sexual destruction from the plague of pornography.

His statistics are alarming. One thing very characteristic of Dr. Brown, is that he does his homework and backs up his arguments with great evidence and statistics. His conclusion is that the trends of evil are plots of the Devil who is really the one behind these destructive trends. Satan comes but to “steal and destroy.” Yeshua came that we might have abundant life. (John 10:10 b.)

When people rebel against God and his standards or norms terrible blindness ensues. Theologians say that sin affects the ability to know. The name for this, is the noetic effects of sin.

Behind these trends, we see the hatred of the Devil for humanity and God’s creation itself. It must be as many theologians have said that Satan’s fulfillment is in destroying God’s creation and a worthwhile human community. As such, he desires to destroy the mutual blessing between God and humanity through false cosmologies (evolutionary naturalism and atheism), false religions (all kinds of idolatries.)

Mutual blessing is ordained by God between humanity and nature. We either deify nature which will lead to its destruction, or we treat nature as if it is merely to be exploited without regard to its preservation. The Devil also seeks to destroy marriage and the family. The high value of the distinction of male and female leading to lasting covenant marriage is replaced by every kind of perverted sexual identification. The list is too long to remember. LGBTQ does not encompass the variety and some raise children in amazing confusion. They do not foster their identity as rooted in the will of God expressed in their biology. Some even hate the ideas of traditional marriage and family. Pornography also destroys the amazing blessing of marital physical bliss.

Yes, we can politically and culturally push back on these trends. Then we are banned from social media for presenting the Biblical world view. To present the Bible is said to be hatred when it is the highest of redeeming love. This is why we need to do two things.

  1. First, we need to gain a grasp of the grandeur of the Biblical world view.

  2. Secondly, we need to pray and fast that a mighty revival will take place which is the only thing that can turn the tide.

I have written one contribution to inspire joy in the contemplation of God’s order of creation. It is entitled, Mutual Blessing. It outlines the various aspects of God’s order of creation and shows how all is ordered by God creating distinctions for interdependence and mutual blessing.

This order of distinctions for blessings must be maintained for our benefit and to the glory of God. Our destiny will be to live in such an order but vastly superior to the present one. However, God’s present creation is a foretaste of that ultimate destiny that awaits all the true followers of Yeshua. This will be forever and ever.

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