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Black Lives Matter (BLM) and “Palestine”

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and “Palestine”

By Dovid Mark June 21, 2020

BLM has now taken its movement to the Middle East. No, they are not trying to overthrow King Hussein who rules over a country with an 80% Palestinian population, subjugating them in an apartheid like manner. Nor are they threatening to topple the neo-sultanate of President Erdogan in Turkey – the man who regularly makes a point of attacking ethnic Kurds and threatening to wipe them out.

No, BLM leaders find themselves in solidarity with “Palestine,” and in direct opposition to Israel. In our upside down world of moral relativism, revisionist history, and ignorant intersectionality BLM and “Palestine” are a match made in hell.

Let’s face it. It had to happen sooner or later, BLM is about uprooting a traditional understanding of the world and with it sowing global chaos. The idea that BLM is really about Black lives is just a cover for the extreme Marxist ideology its followers ardently believe in.

In the above interview Patrisse Cullors, founder of BLM declares openly that she sees a similarity between the struggle of the “Palestinian” Arabs and that of the Black people in America. She described her trip to Israel as a “moment of clarity and also a moment of fear of what kind of backlash we were going to receive, which we did.”

BLM has only strengthened its partnership with the “Palestinian” Arabs. This is despite the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. was a known supporter of Jewish rights in the Land of Israel, as well as the fact that many “Palestinian” Arabs support the destruction of Israel as a Jewish homeland. All of this calls into question the true motives behind the leadership of BLM. It appears that the partnership they have forged with “Palestine” and its false narrative has allowed the legitimate grievances of Black America to be hijacked by another’s political agenda.

BLM Is No Joke, It Is A Revolution

With more and more Americans throwing their support behind BLM or at least doing so because they are afraid of saying otherwise, one wonders what would stop the movement from turning against those supporters of Israel back in the USA. After all, if the Black American and “Palestinian” narratives are parallel, then those Jews and their allies in America that support Israel, would have to be held accountable as “racists” according to BLM’s outlook.

Tablet pointed out the following in a 2016 article on BLM’s use of “genocide” when describing Israel’s “occupation” of Judea and Samaria:

“The implication of these figures is unmistakable. Falsely accusing the state founded by Jews in the ashes of their own genocide of committing genocide is, simply put, a blood libel on a national scale. It is a slur against the 6 million Jews in Israel and the vast majority of world Jewry that supports them.

That Black Lives Matter would indulge in such ignorant and incendiary claims undermines its standing as an anti-racist organization.”

PS. These views are not necessarily the views of Beit Ariel's leadership team.

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