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Iran-China Deal Sending Shockwaves Through The World

Iran-China Deal Sending Shockwaves Through The World

By Micha Gefen July 15, 2020

With one stroke of the pen and 400 billion dollars, China has reshaped the geo-political map of both the Middle East and Near East.

The Chinese-Iranian deal essentially ends what was billed as the apolitical Belt and Road Initiative and confirms the US State Department’s claim that the initiative has acted as a colonial project for China.

In the post-Cold War world, alignments had gone out the window. This allowed Israel to break into the Near East and in the past 10 years penetrate both China and India at the same time. With Iran’s ascendency and threat to the Middle East, even Sunni states have begun to warm to Israel.

China’s deal with Iran essentially means that Israel can no longer play neutral. The same goes for India. China’s infusion of cash and technology makes Iran that much closer to regional hegemony, of course under the thumb of the CCP in Beijing.

India and Israel will only grow closer together and both will need to rely heavily on the US to help counter both China and Iran.

Most importantly, Chinese investments in Israeli companies will no doubt be curtailed by the Netanyahu government.

With tensions rising between the Trump administration and China on a variety of issues, this deal may fast track the hot war we have all feared may take place.

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