Discerning This Time and Season

Discerning This Time and Season: Prayer for Israel (Part 1)

By Rick Ridings Jul 29, 2021

Discerning this Time and Season

What I want to share about, I would call it discerning this time and season. The sons of Issachar were known as those who discerned the times and seasons.

They recognized, they understood.

And one of the things I’ve been praying for us is to Succat Hallel; I prayed for the prayer movement worldwide is that we would be sons of Issachar: sons and daughters of Issachar that we would discern, discern times and seasons, what God is doing, because there are many voices that could call us to this or that, and we can begin to get distracted.

Important to Focus

And it’s so important that we have focus, that we know what is God focusing on right now. Now what I’m going to share is not necessarily what God is having everyone to the whole world focus on, but I believe He’s calling us to focus upon as a community on these specific things. Some of them I’ve been sharing in public, different Zoom calls and things, and putting, getting a surprising response that God is speaking the same things in other nations very strongly.

What to Press in For

So I’d like to share some things that I feel about discerning this time and this season, what are we to be pressing in for, what are we to be believing for in this time and season? And like to start by going back to 2016, most of you are aware of this, but this lays a foundation for everything else. And those were visions of shakings, a series of visions that were given in October and November of 2016.

And in those visions that one of the first visions was a vision of shakings happening, actually in the vision, it was like the whole Temple Mount and Western wall area were in a threshing basket, I think I have a picture of this. Yeah, threshing basket, a big wide basket, and, and the Lord was throwing it in the air. And as you know, with threshing, what happens is the wind comes and it blows away that, which is not, which is not nourishing, that which is not worth keeping and that which is worth keeping the good green falls down. So the chaff is blown away, and the good green comes down.

So I think it’s really important to realize that in these shakings, God already warned in 2016 that it would be like a time of threshing. It would be a time of him as it were tossing things in the air, and of the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing away things that needed to be blown away. But that, which is eternal again, he says I will shake what all things that can be shaken, so that the things which cannot be shaken will remain.

So His shaking is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. It’s getting rid of things that are not nourishing. It’s getting rid of things that are not good. It’s getting rid of things that are not lasting, so that the things that last will remain.


And again, going back, He, the first one He, I saw as He began to shake it began then to go out and ripples into the nations. Very soon after that we had a big shaking on the Temple Mount. Some of you will remember where they discovered weapons and that had been hidden in the, in The Dome of the Rock, I believe it was, or one of the it may have been at one of the mosques up there.

And as a result, they were trying to put in metal detectors, there were riots. I mean, all kinds of, there was a huge shaking.

It looked like it could turn into another Intifada another bus bombing type time, but God intervened. And this is one of the things I saw in the shaking set. There would be shakings, but then there would be times where it would just settle down again, and then there’d be another shaking.

But He showed me that one of the things in the shakings, I saw this huge drop of water in the sky. I come out of the, as he was shaking everything. And I thought, Lord, you know, what is this? And I felt like He was saying, the shaking is going to shake loose things that are keeping water from coming into the very driest places.

And you’re going to start seeing water, rivers in the desert. You’re going to start seeing wells at the desert. You’re going to find in some of the very, very driest places I’m going to begin pouring out my, my spirit. I’m going to begin bringing people to myself.

I’m going to be doing things in places where people never expected it. Now, not too long ago, I was on a call with people from Saudi Arabia, and they were sharing what was going on there. And I can’t even share all of it publicly, but huge things.

Shaking in Saudi Arabia

There is a mighty move of God right now in Saudi Arabia in the last year. They said everything just almost like everything shifted in a year. And suddenly there was a boldness, even among people who never before would ever, you know, already it was very dangerous to share their, their faith privately. And they said some have even been sharing their faith publicly on the call, the Muslim radicals at the, they show, their face and former Muslims.

Yeah, yeah, be clear on that, former Muslim background believers in other words, who showed their face and it’s an amazing thing, from Israel, we’re blessing Saudi Arabia, from Saudi Arabia they’re blessing Israel. I mean it’s God is, is moving in some very, some of the driest places in the world bringing water right now.

God in Control of Shakings

And a second thing that He would, well not a second thing, but something He said about all the shakings. He said, “Know that I’m in control of each shaking so that even when you may not feel like I am, I am.”

So He was warning us in 2016 already saying know that I’m in control of each shaking even when you may not feel like I am in control. So we need to keep in perspective the fact that all the chaos that is unleashed during a shaking is in the end, only temporary, but his kingdom is eternal.

Now I, the Lord opened the door for me to share this whole these series of visions in Hong Kong in 2019. And they were at a time of demonstrations in the streets and it looked like it was going to go out of control. It looked like there’s going to be a military blood bath there. And, and it was a group of people not only from Hong Kong, but from mainland China.

God Prepares People for Lockdown

And so there were actually other, at least, I think there were about 15,000 Chinese that were there in this gathering in Hong Kong. And when I shared it, I was with fear and trembling because I felt like the Lord said to tell them the shaking here in Hong Kong for the moment, will calm down, and later there will be another shaking.

But right after the shaking in Hong Kong begins to calm down, I will begin to shake China in a major way. And right after that was when the whole coronavirus thing came out in China within weeks, it came out and a pastor wrote to me from Wuhan and said, thank God that you gave that word. Because she said, when they were, when we were seeing, you know, bodies in the streets, when we were seeing severe, severe lockdown.

She said, I just felt like Lord, what is happening? It just felt so out of control, the Lord reminded me of that word you gave that we would be shaken, but that it, it would calm down after a while then there’ll be another shaking, but that in all the shakings, we could trust Him to be in control, even when it doesn’t feel like He’s in control.

God with Wuhan Church

And she said, it helped us in some of the most severe times in Wuhan for the church to know, okay, God is with us. He’s not forgotten us. God is shaking all things that can be shaken so that that which can not be shaken, would remain.

And she said, one of the main results was the Lord showed them all to start taking the Lord’s supper in their homes with a small group, with their family, when they were shut down to their family was many of their families were not believers. And so they took it in front of their family, and their family began asking them.

And she said, people started coming to the Lord in the homes and in small groups because of what the Lord had told them to do in the middle of the shaking. So once again it’s how God, you know, He, His ways are just higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

And a second vision that He gave was of, and this is in 2016, was a vision of tumult and confusion in the nations and an accelerated polarization of life of light and darkness. And what I saw in this was that you see the photo that I showed there. I saw that in many cities there would be riots. There would be confusion. There would be tumult. There would be chaos. This was in 2016.

Shaking Throughout World

He said, when the shakings begin there will be a moment where in many cities of the world there will be a lot of chaos and a lot of confusion, he said, but what I’m doing in it, I’m separating light from darkness. So He showed me, it was like He was on the Temple Mount above the Temple Mount on a throne.

And He had this bar in front of Him that looks like the top one here is was dark at one end, light at the other end. But most of the middle was gray. And He said, this is the way it is right now. There’s a lot of gray of compromise of of things that are not true different things that are great, but He said what I’m going to do. And He took His hands like this, and He just went and suddenly everything was either like really light or really dark.

God to Clarify Things

And He said, what I’m going to do is make much clearer to those who are genuinely seeking for light to know what is light and what is darkness. It won’t be so confusing. It won’t be so compromised.