Four Rabbis Find Yeshua

Four Rabbis Find Yeshua (Jesus)

In Part 4 in our look at “The Mystery of the Olive Tree” we learn how the Messianic Jewish church began.

APRIL 22, 2021

by David Lazarus

In this series we will publish extracts from a new book by Johannes Fichtenbauer, an Archdeacon and part of the Charismatic Renewal of the Catholic Church.

Four rabbis find Yeshua

For 1,400 years, between the 4th and 18th centuries, there was not a single Messianic Jewish church or congregation on earth. Then suddenly, in the late 17th century, in a sovereign and supernatural way, the Holy Spirit began to bring Jews back to their Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). It was like a resurrection from the dead!

The first event that we know about happened in a small town in southern Poland, Pinczow (near Krakow), around the year 1680. Four well-known rabbis – Rabbi Krokeffer and Rabbi Sender, both from what is now the Czech Republic, and Rabbi Chaija Chajon from Turkey met with the Chief Rabbi of Pinczow, interestingly called by his people “Rabbi Megalleh Amukkoth” (the one who discovers deep mysteries).