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IDF exposes Hezbollah ‘human shield’ strategy

IDF exposes Hezbollah ‘human shield’ strategy

IDF spokesman warned that Nasrallah’s secret arms stashes are right underneath the Lebanese people’s noses, sending them the exact locations of terrorist weapons caches. By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

The Arabic unit of the IDF Spokesperson’s Office let the people of Beirut known Wednesday that the leader of the Hezbollah terror group was fooling them when he pretended to show reporters a weapons-free location after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provided evidence of a Hezbollah weapons cache next to a gas depot.

IDF Arabic spokesman Avichay Adraee tweeted the exact locations of Hezbollah weapons caches in Beirut, asking why Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah took reporters to a different site claiming his organization did not keep weapons in Beirut.

“Why did Nasrallah choose this site specifically and not take you to the three sites we mentioned?” Adraee tweeted, after the IDF had posted the specific latitude and longitude of three sites its says are used by Hezbollah to store rockets and other weapons in civilian areas.

Middle East analyst Joe Truzman noted that Nasrallah “showing a small section of the first floor isn’t helping Hezbollah and their supporters disprove Netanyahu’s claim about a ‘missile factory’ in one of three Beirut neighborhoods.”

Adraee reminded the Lebanese people that Hezbollah was lying when it claimed it didn’t store explosives in Beirut. Islamic terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas are well-known for using human shields in a variety of settings, from launching rockets from hospitals to storing weapons on schools, residential neighborhoods, houses of worship, and restaurants.

“If it was true that they do not store missiles and explosive materials in civilian sites, what caused the explosion in Beirut?” Adraee tweeted.

On August 4 a stockpile of more than 2,000 tons of ammonium nitrate in the Beirut port linked to Hezbollah detonated in a massive explosion. The blast killed at least 200 people, wounded thousands more and caused widespread devastation over a large section of the Lebanese capital.

Anger has been building among Lebanese who are fed up with the Iran-backed terror group taking over their country.

Adraee pointed out how the Hezbollah weapons storage sites are specifically hidden in civilian areas, creating a major danger to Beirut residents.

“We are not surprised that he [Nasrallah] has created sites under residents’ homes and next to mosques,” Adraee tweeted, adding that one of the sites “is located under five residential buildings inhabited by 50 families, and 90 meters from a mosque.”


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