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Israel in Crisis

Israel in Crisis

by Daniah Greenberg, Founder: Tree of Life Bible Society

I have been receiving inquiries about horrible terrorist attacks in Israel and we are providing these important scriptural insights as we provide a statement on the current turmoil and war in Israel.

Our God has set eternity in the hearts of men and every human life is an expression of God’s love alive on the earth. Today, the only answer is for all God’s children to unite in prayer and humanitarian aid for the Nation of Israel.

At this time in human history, the Eternal One of Israel is STILL watching and waiting for peace between Abraham’s sons. I believe His heart is broken over this war. Knowing full well that the need for resolution of the dreams of Palestinian families living in Israel is still very real, God hates bloodshed, period.

Right now, my friends and loved ones are being called up for service in the Israeli Defense Force. Right now, my family and friends are praying for a miraculous end to this terrorism... or even more lives will be lost.

As Jewish Bible believers shining the light of Yeshua, the mixed religious views of these events in Israel brings tears to my eyes. Please hear my heart for the salvation of all Israel.

Israel was brutally attacked by terrorists on the exact Biblical Holiday – The Feast of Tabernacles – that foreshadows the celebration of God’s establishing His Holy Kingdom: The New Jerusalem. This is the holy day prophesied in Zechariah when all Israel would be saved and both heaven and earth would be united for the glory of God.

The eighth day of this particular season is most holy to God and our American Thanksgiving Holiday was actually modeled after it. Just imagine what a brutal attack on this day means to Jews and Christians alike. And, I am certain Muslims would be equally outraged if their holy feasts were violated. Now, imagine how evil terrorists are to purposefully violate the minds of families and children with this unmitigated death and destruction. This is NOT about which brother is better or whose ‘God’ is stronger! Heaven forbid!

This is about indoctrinating another whole generation with fear. This will only advance more evil that we can never forget and revenge we CANNOT bear to entertain.

However, this battle cannot be won with only guns and bombs. The children of terrorists who succeed today will only breed the terrorists of tomorrow. And if you need proof, you need only to read Genesis to discover patterns of destruction.

The Holy Bible – from Genesis to Revelation is founded on the Torah of Moses. The Torah is the foundation of our faith for over 3400 years and the Eternal One of Israel is the One we serve no other. To love God – and your neighbor as yourself – is the sacred truth contained therein.

Those two commands are universal and immutable. And with every generation, brothers that love one another prosper while brothers that kill one another destroy generations of peace.

And the reason I trust Israel’s leaders is because ADONAI (The Lord) is with Israel. And I mean all Israel, including the Palestinian people and families who live there. Please pray for Israel’s Leaders who, like us, must answer to God. And, to fight terrorism is to fight cowards unwilling to pursue peace, using human shields to hide their hatred and unforgiveness. I thank God that my country, The United States of America, is standing strong with Israel and all her people.

Likewise, I am begging my Christian brothers to forcibly change the focus of their prayers from an apocalyptic view of the book of Revelation to instead pray for a future and a hope for all God's children throughout the Middle East.

The Holy Bible’s message of forgiveness is revealed in the story of Joseph, hidden in plain sight just like our Messiah Yeshua is today. Joseph, in Egyptian clothes and on Pharoah’s throne, rescued his very brothers that tried to kill him. While their father, Jacob was alive, Joseph provided food and clothing and land for their safety and prosperity. But, they may never have felt truly safe and fully loved.? How do we know this? Because after Jacob died, they went to Joseph and told him their dead father wanted them to ask for his forgiveness after all.

This means that after years of loving and providing for them, Joseph's brothers still weren't sure that they were loved and accepted as part of the family. Now ask yourself, do you think Abraham would be cheering these modern-day terrorists on? Do you think the God that promised Abram a son would encourage this war? I believe "our father Abraham" would be begging for them to put down their weapons and restore the loved ones to their families.

I know the God of Abraham personally, and He changes not. There are no ‘holy wars’ that please God ever.

Please let me remind you, Israel is the name of a people, not just a land mass. Without people, there is no need for land. This war is not about land, this war is about people. Blood defiles land and defiled land uproots people. Especially innocent women and children.

Jews call that land ‘The State of Israel,’ because the people of Israel is much bigger than the land. As a believer in Messiah, Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) I am a member of the ‘Commonwealth of Israel’ by choice. And while there is plenty of talk about terrorists entering boarders of many nations these days, remember that there are more of us that believe and trust in the Eternal One of Israel than ‘them.’

I am asking you to remember that I represent people longing for peace. Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah, is the Prince of Peace, not a god of war.

The Holy Bible lights the way to peace with the power of forgiveness.

Today, I want to challenge you that God changed Jacob’s name to Israel after he ‘wrestled with God.’ But what story needs more eyeballs is that Jacob was terrified to meet his long lost brother Esau the next day. But Esau greeted him with love and spoke of them returning to the land together. Instead, Jacob settled elsewhere. I guess he was not able to respond to his brother's love. Meanwhile, even further back, when Abraham died, Ishmael and Isaac buried him together. But did they bury their sibling rivalry?

The Eternal One of Israel is the only one who can heal a broken relationship, especially within family. But, we humans can keep destroying each other with hatred and pain for centuries. Make no mistake, the reason having faith in a Messiah that is also God’s Son is so powerful – is because having God Himself become the sacrifice silences every argument that tears families apart.

Individual traumas can be forgiven by individuals. National traumas can be forgiven by nations. But family traumas can reach across generations and only stop when adults love their children enough to stop the bloodshed. Please, God, intervene on behalf of our children! Save Your people and bless Your inheritance.


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