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Leading rabbis (and scientists) calling defense against Iranian attack “a miracle”

Leading rabbis (and scientists) calling defense against Iranian attack “a miracle”

Psalm 136:4 - Who alone works great marvels, His steadfast love is eternal;

While many are calling the successful defense against the Iranian attack a technological marvel, others are describing the success as Divine Intervention, God protecting the people of Israel. At least one scientist familiar with the defense systems is joining in, claiming the success of the operation was a “miracle”.

Leading Religious Zionist rabbis from the rabbinic Torat Ha’aretz Hatova organization distributed a letter to communities around Israel, calling on them to recite Psalm 136, thanking God for saving the Jews through miraculous intervention during the massive Iranian missile attack on Saturday night. 


Israel National News reported the call to prayer, translating the letter as follows:

“This is the day G-d made; we will rejoice and be happy in it.”

“After a night of missiles and UAVs, together we will thank the Holy One, Blessed be He, for the miracles He did for us, when He took us out of Egypt and also for the miracles He did for us in this year.”


“We turn to the worshipers in the synagogues in all communities in Israel, to say during the morning prayers this coming Shabbat (Sabbath), when the Torah portion of ‘Metzora’ is read, Psalm 136: ‘Praise be to G-d, for He is good, for His kindness is everlasting (the long Hallel).’


“The entire public shall say it together, as one, when the Ark is opened, and thus we will all thank the Holy One, Blessed be He, for all the good and kindness that He has done for us,” the rabbis concluded.


Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, also described the event as “a miracle.” In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Rabbi Lau said that the miracle was not only the interception of the missiles and drones, but the fact that so many other countries helped Israel–including Jordan, our enemy.


“It is by Hashem’s grace that all these countries joined us in responding to the Iranian attack,” said Rabbi Lau, “the USA, England, to a certain extent France, and even Jordan, which on the one hand is our enemy and on the other hand fought with us.”


Rabbi Lau added. “I understand why. We all have a common enemy; the Iranian threat, but everything is from heaven and suddenly all of these countries have a common enemy with us, and we are no longer isolated, nor alone in the face of this great danger.”


At one point Rabbi Lau said, “…There was only some damage to places, and no harm to people. This whole story was a great miracle, but we still have not appreciated its magnitude. We experienced Hashem’s true protection and this connection with the superpowers and our neighbors…”


While the source is unconfirmed, Hillel Fuld posted this response to the attack attributed to Professor of physics, Maximilian Abitbol,  who is also an expert on the defense industry.


“I wanted to share something that is much more than a feeling. Something that comes from a real calculation: What happened in Israel on last Motzaei Shabbat was not less than the scale of the splitting of the Red Sea.”


“I am a Professor of physics and I worked for several years in the defense industry in Israel, in projects that are still the cutting edge technologies of the defence of the State of Israel.”


“When I look at what happened on Motzai Shabbat, on a scientific level – it simply cannot happen!! Statistically.”


“The likelihood that everything, but really Everything works out, does not exist in complex systems Like the defense systems that were used to defend Israel from the massive Iranian attack.”

“These systems have never, but never, not only in the State of Israel, been tried in real time!!” “I took a pencil and dived into the calculations to check the statistical probability that such a result would materialize.” “The large number of events that had to be handled, when each missile or UAV is handled independently (that is, human error or some deviation of one operation, is not offset by other successful operations), compounds the chance of making a mistake.”


“With all the high technologies, a breach was expected In the defense of the skies of the State of Israel.” “Even if we got 90% protection it would have been a miracle!!”

“What happened is that everyone, but everyone – the pilots, the systems operators and the technology operators acted as one man, at one moment in total unity. If this is not an act of G-d, then I no longer know what a miracle is.”

“It is Greater than the victory of the Six Day War or the War of Independence. Those wars can also be explained through natural events.”



“The rescue that took place for the people of Israel on Motzai Shabbat is simply impossible naturally. I believe that this miracle saved the lives of many people from Israel.” “If the defense system had failed to intercept a number of cruise missiles, the result would have dragged us into a very complex war.”

“I wouldn’t bet that next time it will work like this without Divine supervision.”

“The simple proof of what I said is that the managers of the defense industries, who develop and manufacture these systems guarantee no more than 90% success! “

“And we all saw, with our own eyes 99.9% !!!”


“Thank You Hashem!!” 


It was signed, M. Abitbol.


Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, the Senior Rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue,  also saw the hand of God in the salvation. “I often hear, if only God did miracles today, I would believe in Him and have a relationship with Him,” Rabbi Goldberg tweeted.  “The answer is, He DOES miracles today! When you see the headline: “99% of 300-plus projectiles fired by Iran at Israel were intercepted,” and you read the history of the Iron Dome and Israel’s missile defense program, how much scientists thought it was impossible to invent something that could respond to the trajectory and velocity of missiles and blow them up in the air, when you see 99% effectiveness, know, it is nothing short of miraculous. “


“Yes, it was invented by human ingenuity and resourcefulness, but that is because Hashem always invites us to be His partner in making miracles.”









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