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Saturday 10th September 2022 14th Elul 5782


Deut 21:10 – 25:19; Isaiah 54:1-10; Matthew 24:29-42

Seventy-four of the Torah’s 613 commandments (mitzvot) are in the Parshah of Ki Teitzei. These include the laws of the beautiful captive, the inheritance rights of the firstborn, the wayward and rebellious son, burial and dignity of the dead, returning a lost object, sending away the mother bird before taking her young, the duty to erect a safety fence around the roof of one’s home, and the various forms of kilayim (forbidden plant and animal hybrids).

The key to understanding the mitzvot is that they are about covenant relationships within the community of the faithful.

Erev Shabbat Friday 9th September 2022

Speaker: Rabbi Michael Shiffman

Shabbat Morning Torah Service: Staurday 10th September 2022

Shiur teacher: Herschel Raysman

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