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Devarim 1:1-3

These are the words - eileh hadevarim - which Moses spoke to all Israel on this side of the Jordan in the wilderness,

As per usual, the parasha and the entire book derives it name from the opening verse. The Hebrew word for ‘words’ is ‘devarim’. And so, the parasha is called Parashat Devarim (words) and this final book of Torah is also called Devarim.

There are also other names for this book:

Mishneh Torah - repetition of the Torah - because it is Moses' review of the history of the Jewish people with moral instruction and last minute advice.

  1. Deuteronomy - this name compromises 2 Greek words: Deutero- second and Nomos - law.

In our parasha, Moses warns Israel that if their parents who directly experienced G-d’s mighty miracles, sinned again and again, how much more should they walk circumspectly with HaShem as He led them into the Promised Land. Moses wanted the people to understand the importance of heeding his words and not relying on their righteousness or their own strength to guarantee their future success.

He began, therefore, by chastising them for the sins that had caused them harm and had not yet been forgiven [at least, not completely].

EREV SHABBAT – Friday 5th August 2022 D’rash – Herschel Raysman

SHABBAT MORNING – Saturday 6th August


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