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Links for this Shabbat’s Services:

Links for this Shabbat’s Services:

Parashat Korach in a Nutshell

Numbers 16:1-18:32; 1 Samuel 11:14-12:22; John 19:1-17

The rebellion continues. First there was Miriam and Aaron’s rebelling against Moses’ leadership. Then, there was the evil report of the twelve spies. Now, it is Korach (the tribe of Levi), Dathan and Abiram (from the tribe of Reuben) and 250 distinguished members of the community, who rise up and challenge Mosesleadership. The earth opens up and swallows the mutineers, and a fire consumes the ketoret-offerers.

A subsequent plague is stopped by Aaron’s offering of ketoret. Aaron’s staff miraculously blossoms and brings forth almonds, to prove that his designation as high priest is divinely ordained.

There are many similarities between Korach’s challenging Moshe’s authority and the religious leaders challenging Yeshua’s authority. We will study this in greater detail in our shiur on Shatta after our Torah service. Our guest speaker on erev Shabbat is Rabbi Bruce Cohen of Beth El in Manhattan.

Links for this Shabbat’s Services:

Shabbat morning: 10h00 - 11h45. Shiur teacher - Herschel

Erev Shabbat: 18h15 - 19h30 D’rash – Rabbi Bruce Cohen

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