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Of Spider’s Webs: God Will Remove Systemic Evil

Of Spider’s Webs:

God Will Remove Systemic Evil         


It’s April 24th, day 201 of the war. Something the Lord spoke to me really clearly in the watch today, was concerning systems of evil. Now, some of you have heard me share these things before, but I feel there’s something about the timing. I felt such a strong anointing of the Lord today as we spoke about the timing of this vision for this situation.


A Vision of Systemic Evil and its “Spiders”


The vision is well in line with the scriptures and a way to pray scripturally. When I received it back in 2011, I had I saw these spiders who were spinning evil webs. They were systems of evil. 


Patricia, my wife, was singing the Lord’s prayer when suddenly she said, “Deliver us from systems of evil.” I understood that it’s not enough just to remove evil leaders from power. They have produced evil systems, like a spider producing a web.

So we need to pray not only about the evil spider but also about the spider web.

Over this whole region, really, you can ultimately go back to spiders, or evil leaders, who’ve been forming evil systems, these spider webs. And then, of course, they have captured others.


So Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and the Houthis in Yemen are all part of this spider web. There are other spiders that are, obviously, over the different groups. And ultimately, the chief spiders are those that are part of the regime in Iran.

So, in this vision, I saw that intercessors took just one drop of the blood of the lamb, which means a lot to us right now.


We recently celebrated Passover and the power of the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of homes. In this vision, all it took was just one drop of the blood of the lamb sprinkled on an evil spider, and that evil spider either repented, which is what we would prefer, or was removed from power.


However, God chose to remove that evil leader from power. And then I saw the Lord appear as the Lion of Judah with razor-sharp claws, and he began to claw apart to just rip and shred certain systems of evil where the people had been crying out for deliverance from these phaoroh-like spiders.


Affirmation of the Vision


So we claimed this in April 2011 in Carmel, near the mountain where Elijah was in the north of Israel, and we claimed it to the nations present there. The Carmel congregation was ministering to many Sudanese refugees at the time, so Sudan was included in what was claimed.


I’ve never seen this before, but there was a headline the very next day in answer to our prayer. The New York Times headline said Sudan’s evil spider has been removed or taken out of his spider web. It was actually the headlines using the same words we had used.


And they said he had been an evil dictator. I believe that for something like 30 years, they had tried to overthrow him. He had brought the country to total poverty because all the money was going into making them the number two terrorist state in all of this region. And he had kept the people in poverty while spending all the money, just like Hamas, on weapons and training terrorists.


But he was overthrown. They called it a miracle, and they used those words, A spider has been removed from his spider web. So the Lord reminded me strongly of this today, and I feel this is the timing where we need to proclaim that strongly over the evil spiders from Iran, from Hezbollah, from Hamas, and from the Houthis.


Pray that Yeshua will Destroy These Spiders and Their Webs


So we pray together today from Jerusalem. We take the blood of Yeshua, the blood of the land, the Passover land, the perfect, powerful blood of Yeshua. And we sprinkle that blood upon these evil spiders who are at the head of the Iranian regime, who are at the head of Hezbollah, at the head of Hamas, and at the head of the Houthis.

We put the blood of Yeshua on these evil spiders. And then we ask you, oh, Lord, that they will either repent soon or that they will be removed from power.


And then we believe you, Lord, to come as a lion of Judah with your razor-sharp claws and to begin to tear apart these systems of evil that they have spun in order to bring people into domination, into subjugation, that they could rule over these people like Pharaoh ruled over the children of Israel when they were slaves in Egypt.

So during this Passover week, Lord, where we’re celebrating creating this great miracle in Egypt that you did with Pharaoh, taking him out as an evil spider and also destroying his whole system of tyranny.


His whole army perished with him. His officials perished because you are all the mighty God. So we ask you to arise this week and deal with these spiders and their webs.


Psalm 2: Messianic Destruction of Systems of Evil


I want to close by mentioning Psalm 2, Where it asks, “Why do the kings of the earth rage? Why do they devise and come up with all their evil schemes and plans? The One enthroned in heaven laughs and overthrows them in His wrath.”


It’s interesting. It talks about Him ruling. He shall rule them. And I believe it’s a messianic scripture about Yeshua.


He shall rule them with a rod of iron, destroying them like clay jars. And I believe there it is speaking about these nations as evil systems, certain evil systems like the Empire of Egypt was at the time of Pharaoh.


He will strike with a rod of iron, and what seems so strong is just like a clay jar before his rod of iron. His rod of iron is a lot stronger than these evil systems. They are just temporary. They are just jars of clay.


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