Saturday 21st November 2020 5th Kislev 5781


Genesis 25:19 – 28:9; Malachi 1:1 – 2:7; Matthew 10:21-38

The Prophetic Destiny Of Rivka’s Twins by Yehuda HaKohen

How do the personal traits of Esav and Yaakov find expression in the rival civilizations they produced? Why was Rivka’s Aramean cosmopolitanism so crucial an ingredient for Israel’s national roots? What personal crisis caused Esav to abandon his family’s path at the age of 15?

Parshat Toldot, as the name suggests, shows us the transition of the Hebrew mission from generation to generation. The major focus of this week’s parsha is on Yitzḥak preserving his father Avraham’s teachings and passing them on to his twin sons Esav and Yaakov.

B’reishit chapter 28, verse 20, informs us that Yitzḥak was 40 years old when he took Rivka as his wife. But in doing so, the verse refers to her Aramean identity three times – in naming the place of