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Seminar with Dr Ketriel Blad

Seminar with Dr Ketriel Blad

– Friday 4th/Saturday 5th November 2022

Seminar Title:

He will teach us of His ways ….

'For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah, and the word of HaShem from Jerusalem’ - Isaiah 2:3b

Session 1:The Way of Truth – Genesis 24:48

Session 2:The Way of Sanctity – Isaiah 35:8

Session 3:The Way of Power - Mizmor (Psalm


Session 4:The Way of Love - 1 Corinthians


There will be 4 x 45 minute sessions and a concluding period of Q & A which will include a time of prayer. Unfortunately, this seminar will not be livestreamed and so, you need to reserve your seats. RSVP to asap

Dr Blad with speak on the parasha on erev Shabbat. The four sessions plus a Q & A will take place on Saturday 5th November at 09h30 at our venue, Kingdom Hub, 3 Roodehek Street, Gardens.

Cost R50 pp. Tea & biscuits will be available. Lunch at your own expense. (please place your contribution directly into the tzedakah box on your right as you enter the Sanctuary. Thank you)


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