The Church Quest for Jewish Roots and Applying the Torah

The Church Quest for Jewish Roots and Applying the Torah

by DAN JUSTER APRIL 25, 2021

I have written extensively about this subject, especially in my book Jewish Roots which is a Biblical theology from a Messianic Jewish point of view. I have also written several published papers on this topic. Here I want to make a few foundational statements so that my readers can fix these as principles for their evaluation of the writings of many who are writing and saying all kinds of things.

1. The New Covenant does not do away with the Torah or God’s Law. Although we are now in the New Covenant order, the New Covenant order is one where the Torah is to be applied as fitting to the New Covenant order. This is an order of writing the Torah on our hearts, an order of the power of the Spirit and an order that preserves the distinct election and calling of the Jewish people. (Matthew 5:17-18; Romans 3:31, 8:4)

2. Jewish disciples of Yeshua continue to be part of their Jewish people and are called to identify and live as Jews. This includes a pattern of life that is based on the Torah, including circumcision, Sabbath, Feasts and identification with the nation of Israel as our nation. This pattern of life transcends the existence of a temple. There is a continuing covenant responsibility for us so to live. Jewish disciples are also called to identify as members of the universal Body of the Messiah.

3. Gentile disciples (those from other nations) are called to live out the universal aspects of the Tor