The Rabbi and the New World Order

The Rabbi and the New World Order

October 14, 2020 | Aviel Schneider

Neither Jews nor Christians are immune to falling under the spell of false prophets

Numerous people over the past few weeks have all sent me the same video clip, in which Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak speaks about the New World Order and “Agenda 21.” During the four-and-a-half minute clip, the 67-year-old rabbi reveals the diabolical scheme based on a document in his possession. He warns the world of what is in store for us by the year 2031.

“You will not believe what you are about to hear,” Rabbi Yitzhak reveals in a dramatic voice and with a theatrical glare into the camera. “Prepare yourselves. Take a deep breath. Do not despair, for ultimately there is a God in heaven, and He holds the reins in His hand.”

When I watched this short clip for the first time I, too, was overcome with fear. We can say goodbye to the world as we know it. Right now, Amnon’s warning is circulating all over the world on social networks with German and English subtitles. I have been asked what I think about it, and who this Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak actually is?

I have been following Rabbi Yitzhak’s presentations for years. He has become famous for this type of preaching both in Israel and abroad, as he seeks to draw Jews back to their faith. In the 1990s in particular, he filled whole stadiums. In Hebrew, this movement of return or repentance towards God is called teshuva.

In 1986, at the age of 33, Rabbi Yitzhak founded the Shofar Society. He was the first rabbi who exploited the new technology of the Internet. At first, he disseminated his sermons on video tapes, then on DVDs, and now via YouTube. Initially, he warned his Jewish listeners that anyone who did not keep the biblical commandments would consequently be punished by hell. He grappled with science and the theory of evolution, and demonstrated to his listeners that the Bible was right. In the year 2011, together with his followers, he smashed 1,000 television sets in front of the National TV Broadcasting Service building in Jerusalem.