What is behind the dramatic rise of anti-Semitism?

What is behind the dramatic rise of anti-Semitism?

By David Silver; Jun 10, 2021

Why do the nations rage, the peoples plot a vain thing, the kings of the Earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against YHVH and His Anointed One? – Psalm 2:1-2

Since the month of Ramadan and the 11 day Gaza missile war in May, the level of Anti-Semitism in many countries has risen dramatically. Jewish people in Canada, the USA, Berlin and the UK have been threatened and several have been physically attacked and seriously injured.

This is nothing new as Jewish people have experienced hatred and violence from even before we blame a people. Why do so many people still deeply hate the Jewish people in the 21st century when most of the good things that benefit their lives – medical advances, scientific advances, communication technology, art, music and movies, comes from the Jewish people? This intense hatred of the Jewish people is both ancient and irrational. This week I want to share with you what I believe is really behind the animosity and hatred of the Jewish people.

First of all, hatred of the Jewish people is not really anti-Semitism. The word Semite comes from the name of Noah’s son Shem. Abraham was a direct descendant of Shem, which means that the Jewish people and the Arab people are all descendants of Shem. Both people groups are Semites.

However, people who hate the Jews, usually do not have the same hatred for the Arabs, so it is not anti-Semitism that we are looking at.

I believe that what we really discussing is hatred of the true GOD or the CREATOR, YHVH or the GOD of Israel. And by connection it is against the Messiah who was the Father’s manifestation in Human form. Therefore hatred of the Jewish people is most accurately anti-Messiah or anti-Christ. More about this later…<