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When We See His Face, our Face Changes

When We See His Face, our Face Changes

by GUY COHEN MARCH 4, 2021

The Lord wants to reveal Himself to us – his love and plans for our lives. Yet the worries of this world make it hard to receive all He has for us. What we get instead, for all our striving, is a lack of peace as we operate in survival mode through our own efforts.

To enter into His light, we cannot remain in survival mode. Life with a “me only” attitude will cause us to look for man’s solutions and not God’s leading. There is no light in living this way, whereas it is amazing to see the light on the faces of those who follow the Lord’s way.

It becomes obvious at what level of faith we are operating when catastrophe strikes. Those who trust in themselves will be the ones emptying grocery store shelves, stealing, hording, panicking. Those who have no faith will be the ones discounting the law and losing basic respect for their fellow human beings.

In this past year of Covid-19 closures and restrictions, what new and surprising elements have you noticed in your personality and behavior? If the pandemic continues on for years, do we really know how we will respond?

This has been a year of searching for hope and answers. First a vaccine was the solution, but now the health officials are concerned that it won’t be effective against new strains of the virus. So we continue with masks, maybe a double one; and while we are at it we keep our distance from each other.

How am I, a person of light, to act in times of uncertainty and trial such as we are experiencing? God calls us to trust in Him at all times. He knows our needs and is never late, no matter how it might appear. The difference between reverting to survival mode and standing in faith is a change which begins inside, within our hearts. These are the days when we must diligently put on the whole armor of God lest we find ourselves responding to all we have faced and will yet face, in a way surprising even to ourselves.

We might ask, is it truly necessary for these events to take place? Why can’t God simply reveal Himself to all mankind? Obviously this is not our choice to make. But as we go through a process of death to self, the resurrected Messiah can shine much more brightly from our faces.

Let us be faithful in seeking intimacy with Yeshua, praying to the Father with our hearts – being filled with His Spirit even while we are still clothed in our bodies. He is waiting for us.


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