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Zoom refuses terrorist access

Activists Stop San Francisco State University Event with

Known Terrorist by Protesting Zoom by Avi Abelow September 23, 2020

San Francisco State University invited a convicted terrorist to teach its students. Let that sink in, an American State University, a public University, invited a convicted terrorist to teach students!

Leila Khaled is a racist Jew-hater, extremist and a convicted terrorist. She was involved in an airplane hijacking by the PFLP terror group on September 6, 1970. She threw grenades with the intent to kill the passengers on the plane. Thankfully, the hijackers were stopped and Khaled was arrested. Yet, she hardly sat in jail, since Britain released her in exchange for freeing other hostages taken from an additional PLFP airplane hijacking done to secure her freedom.

Still 50 years later and Leila Khaled has still not issued any public remorse for her terrorist past.

Yet, San Francisco State University invited Leila Khaled to speak to students via zoom at an online event titled “Gender, Justice, & Resistance”. Apparently, San Francisco State University is treating her as a symbol of justice and resistance, when she is actually a symbol of terrorism and death.

Many people and organizations contacted San Francisco State University requesting the University to withdraw the invitation to Khaled, but San Francisco State University rejected all the requests. The University’s president, Lynn Mahoney, defended the decision, saying: “Rather than stifle speech, we must encourage robust questioning and dissent, and ensure that our students and faculty are free from retaliation or censorship for doing so.” Ironically, back in 2017, San Francisco State University cancelled Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s appearance on their campus.

Since the University wouldn’t cancel this despicable event, The Lawfare Project and #EndJewHatred movement instead organized a public protest against zoom for allowing a terrorist to use the platform.

Thankfully, their campaign succeeded, with Zoom informing them of its decision to deny use of the zoom service for the University webinar featuring terrorist Leila Khaled.

While it is great that zoom cancelled the event, it is still extremely troubling that a US University organized an event with a convicted terrorist, and wouldn’t cancel it!

Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn sent a letter to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos raising alarm at San Francisco State University’s hosting the known-terrorist for the virtual lecture to university students

As part of his letter to Education Secretary Devos Lamborn wrote:

“As lead sponsor of the Taylor Force Act, I am deeply troubled that federal dollars may be used to subsidize an event that props up a Palestinian terrorist like Mrs. Khaled and provides an academic platform to spread her toxic ideology. Providing a digital forum and platform for an admitted member of a terrorist organization who has unrepentantly committed terrorist acts is not speech or academic inquiry. Rather, it is aiding the dissemination of terrorist propaganda and materially supporting terrorism. Leila Khaled is unwelcome in the European Union, unwelcome in the United States, and she should be unwelcome in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco as well.” When will Americans wake up and realize that many US Universities are being used to radicalize and brainwash their kids, instead of educating them.

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